Sevmash Honored Memory of Northern Convoys

Sevmash (part of USC) honored the memory of the northern convoys. In honor of the 80th anniversary of the arrival of the first caravan in the Arkhangelsk region, solemn events were held in Severodvinsk, in which representatives of the administration and specialists of the enterprise took part.

On August 31, 1941, a convoy of ships delivered the first Lend-Lease consignment from Great Britain to Arkhangelsk. Factory # 402 (now Sevmash) and young Molotovsk – modern Severodvinsk played a special role in the fate of the Arctic convoys. Residents of the city of shipbuilders, along with experienced port workers of Arkhangelsk, unloaded allied ships. Molotov port received 173 ships and mastered more than 60 percent of cargo in the White Sea region. The first ship from the caravans arrived in the city on November 26, 1941. It was the British tanker San Ambrosio with aviation fuel on board.

Ship repair was carried out in difficult climatic conditions. Factory # 402 during the Great Patriotic War returned to service 139 ships and vessels, including 70 foreign ones. Seamen of the Northern Fleet participated in the escort of the caravans, including many veterans of Sevmash.

In memory of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War, representatives of Sevmash laid flowers at the military memorial on the Yagry island, lowered a wreath in the White Sea. During the celebrations, a presentation of a film about the northern convoys, created by information service specialists, will take place. The documentary was named “Life by Exchange”.

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