Commandant Ducuing Makes Port Call in Senegal

Having set sail from Toulon seven days earlier, the High Seas Patroller (PHM) Commander Ducuing moored on August 16 in Dakar for the first stopover of the 158th mandate of Operation CORYMBE .

Received by the Chief of Staff of the Navy of Senegal, Lieutenant-Commander Renan Paillereau, commander of the PHM, presented Rear Admiral Oumar Wade with a vessel and crew eager to cooperate with their African partner, docked as at sea. After this time for discussion, the pasha of the French patrol vessel was honored by a Senegalese Navy guard, testimony to the excellent welcome reserved by the country to its historic partner.

As part of the Operational Instruction Periods (PIO) provided by the French Navy, the sailors of the “artillery” chain participated at the quayside in the training of three Senegalese Navy officers in the use of the SIMBAD missile system which will equip their new patrollers.

At the same time, the logistical support provided by the sailors of the French Elements naval station in Senegal (EFS) enabled the patrol boat to be fully available and ready for all the operations that the vessel is likely to carry out in the Gulf of Guinea: fight against piracy, fight against drug trafficking or illegal fishing, evacuation of nationals.

Once set up, Commander Ducuing joined the Senegalese vessel Kedougou for a joint mission to monitor fisheries and fight against pollution (SAGNE patrol). The objective is to strengthen cooperation between navies in the field of fisheries surveillance. The ships took the opportunity to conduct joint training in tactical evolutions, aimed at developing the interaction capacities between the marines of the Yaoundé process.

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