Durand De La Penne Training Cruise Back in Mediterranean After Ukraine Visit

August 30, 2021 – The intense training period on board the destroyer Luigi Durand de La Penne continues for the students of the 2nd Class of the Naval Academy who, after having recently taken part in Operation Safe Sea alongside the crew and having lapped the picturesque islands Greeks from the Aegean Sea, crossed the Anatolian Straits for the first time in mid-August to enter the Black Sea.

Despite the impossibility of traveling on duty free due to the restrictions in force linked to the health emergency, the official pupils have nevertheless had the opportunity to increase their cultural background also through the study of the history, culture and traditions of the nations subject to the stops. , as testified by the words of the pupil Tiziana Parenti, of the Maritime Military Sanitary Corps ” I am fascinated by the vivid memory of having transited for the first time in my life with the ship in the Strait of the Dardanelles and, after having admired from the sea the majestic mosques of Istanbul, having entered the Black Sea through the Bosphorus Strait, before reaching the cities of Varna and Odessa with the national flag on the shore”, thanks to the opportunity offered to reach distant countries during this Education Campaign and also to experience the international experience linked to Naval Diplomacy as a protagonist, proof of the important role that the military units of the Navy play in this area for Italy.

In particular, on 24 August the Unit took part together with numerous foreign ships in a naval parade in the waters facing the port of Odessa, organized on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the independence of Ukraine. This is a particularly significant and touching moment especially for 2nd Class Student Kyrylo Torubara, a student at the Naval Academy in Italy and originally from the city of Odessa.

Having completed its use in the Black Sea, Nave de La Penne has pointed its bow towards the west to return to the Mediterranean Sea , especially in the Adriatic Sea where the 2021 Education Campaign will continue.

At the end of this period, the students of the Second Class will wear the rank of Aspiring Ensign , thus definitively marking the transition from Pupil to Officer.

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