French Assessment of Operation TELLURE in Haiti

On August 14, 2021, a violent 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti, exacerbating the already difficult humanitarian situation in the country. Thanks to the support of the system of sovereignty forces present in the Antilles, the French armies were able to provide assistance to the Haitian people.

On August 18, the Germinal Surveillance Frigate (FS) transported 47 tonnes of humanitarian cargo. It has also sent a Panther helicopter and 25 soldiers 33 e marines Regiment (RIMA) on the area.

This logistical maneuver was part of an international aid logic operated among others by the United States, Great Britain, Canada and the Netherlands.

After their docking on August 21 in Port-au-Prince, the crew of the Germinal and the reinforcements of the 33 rd RIMa unloaded:

14 tonnes of essential goods provided by the American-Caribbean Regional Intervention Platform (PIRAC) of the French Red Cross in partnership with the crisis and support center of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs;
18 tonnes of water supplied by the Bernard Hayot / Carrefour group;
15 tonnes of freight from the Martinique local authority (drinking water).
In addition to this logistical maneuver, the Germinal carried out several reconnaissance missions for the benefit of the Joint Task Force-Haiti and the Joint Force Maritime Component Commander in charge of coordinating the military resources engaged in the international support effort for the Haitian community.

With the help of their Panther helicopter and the 33rd RIMa detachment, the Germinal crew checked the condition of the port facilities and the seabed at the landing points in the ports of Miragoâne and Saint-Louis du Sud. These verifications finally made it possible to assess the possibility of transporting humanitarian freight by sea.

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