Russia and UK Join to Mark 80th Anniversary of Dervish Convoy

In the neutral waters of the Barents Sea, the crew of the missile cruiser Marshal Ustinov congratulated the crew of the hydrographic vessel Echo of the British Navy on the 80th anniversary of the first allied convoy Dervish.

On behalf of the commander of the cruiser, Captain 2nd Rank Andrei Krivoguzov, the words of congratulations on the 80th anniversary of the escort of the first allied convoy “Dervish” were conveyed to the commander of the hydrographic vessel, Commander Adam Coles, in Russian and English.

The congratulation said that “the sailors of the Northern Fleet remember and grieve over the sacrifices our allies have suffered in the fight against the common enemy.” The commander of the missile cruiser of the Northern Fleet congratulated the British sailors on their anniversary and wished them a peaceful sky overhead.

In response, the commander of the British ship thanked the Russian sailors for their words and warned that the ship would stop the course to pay tribute at the site of the sinking of the cruiser Edinburgh, which had perished in the Barents Sea in May 1942.

Further, the hydrographic vessel of the British Navy continued its activities in the Barents Sea according to the national plans for commemorative events, and the missile cruiser of the Northern Fleet – according to the plans for combat training.

80 years ago, a caravan of six British and Dutch ships under the cover of warships of the Royal Navy of Great Britain arrived in the capital of the Russian North, the city of Arkhangelsk. The arrival of the first allied convoy “Dervish” served as a prologue to the beginning of an unprecedented military operation lasting more than four years, during which 41 sea convoys were sent to the northern ports of the Soviet Union.

It is planned that next week the Commander of the Northern Fleet, Hero of Russia, Admiral Alexander Moiseev, will take part in the celebrations timed to the 80th anniversary of the escort of the first allied convoy “Dervish”, which will take place in the Arkhangelsk region.

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