Northern Fleet Holds Submarine Rescue Exercise

In the Northern Fleet, a planned exercise of the search and rescue support forces (PSO) to provide assistance to a conditionally emergency submarine has ended.

The exercise involved the rescue vessel “Georgiy Titov” with the deep-sea rescue vehicle AS-34 on board, the diving vessel “VM-277”, sea and harbor tugs, as well as a number of ships of the Kola flotilla of diverse forces of the Northern Fleet, including diesel-electric Submarine.

The aviation of the Air Force and Air Defense Army will be involved in certain stages of the exercise – the Il-38 anti-submarine aircraft and the Ka-27 search and rescue helicopter.

According to the scenario of the exercise, the diesel submarine laid down on the ground in one of the combat training ranges of the Northern Fleet at the training range in the Eina Bay of the Motovsky Bay.

The search and its detection was carried out both with the use of surface ships and vessels, and with the involvement of aviation, an Il-38 aircraft and a Ka-27PS 45 helicopter of the Air Force and Air Defense Army of the Northern Fleet.

After the discovery of the conditionally damaged submarine, the AS-34 manned submarine was launched from the Georgy Titov carrier vessel and maneuvered on the surface. Then his crew worked out diving to a depth, searching for an object lying on the ground, landing on the submarine’s coaming platform and delivering crew members conditionally in distress on board the rescue vessel.

During the exercise, the crew of the autonomous rescue underwater vehicle AS-34 worked out interaction with the crew of the main command post of the rescue ship “Georgiy Titov” during the exercise. The operation to deliver the submariners from the submarine lying on the ground at a depth of 50 meters to the rescue vehicle took several hours, during which the AS-34 device successfully completed the work under water and was returned back to the carrier vessel.

The exercise worked out the whole range of measures taken in the event of an emergency situation on a submarine at sea, from organizing a search for a conditionally emergency facility, to evacuating the crew from it and providing first aid to the injured.

Rescue exercises at sea in the Northern Fleet are held regularly. During these exercises, the personnel of the search and rescue forces improve their professional skills in resolving various emergencies and crisis situations.

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