Modular Construction of Submarines at Sevmash Approved

August 30, 2021 – At Sevmash (part of USC) the concept of block-modular construction of nuclear submarines has been approved.

The concept is aimed at the development of integrated production preparation, which ensures the formation of an effective innovative infrastructure of the enterprise and a change in approaches to design in design bureaus. The project was approved by the steering committee of the United Shipbuilding Corporation. It is assumed that the result of the implementation of the concept will be a decrease in the cost of building orders, and a reduction in the slipway period will allow diversifying production by placing civil and dual-use orders on the vacated slipways.

One of the advantages of the technology is the uniform loading of capacities in the formation of production programs due to the redistribution of a significant amount of installation, electrical, adjustment, commissioning and testing from the slipways to the newly created workshop.

To introduce a modular submarine construction method at Sevmash, technical re-equipment of production is being carried out. The reconstruction of the transport and transfer complex has been completed, it is planned to build a new span of the assembly and welding workshop for the hull-welding production, the construction of a combined cleaning and painting chamber, the construction of an aggregation workshop, technical re-equipment of the slipway production. The completion of all work is expected in 2031.

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