Project 636 Magadan Completes Builder’s Trials

The Admiralty Shipyards (part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation) have completed state tests of a large diesel-electric submarine of Project 636 Magadan.

The third submarine of the series for the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Federation returned from the stage of state tests. During the week, the company’s specialists checked the operation of all ship devices, mechanisms and equipment, including hydroacoustic and navigation systems.

During the test program, the submarine successfully completed deep-sea diving. An assessment was also made of the ship’s controllability at different running depths.

After completing the state testing program, Magadan will undergo revision and finishing at the enterprise.

“Magadan” – the third submarine of the series for the Pacific Fleet, launched on March 26 this year in a high, 91%, degree of readiness. The ship was laid down on November 1, 2019 and will be transferred to the Russian Navy by November 10, 2021.

The contract for the construction of the series was signed in September 2016, which was a continuation of the implementation of the long-term plan of the Russian Ministry of Defense to restore the combat readiness of the country’s Navy and the program to improve diesel-electric submarines. Today the construction of the series is proceeding at an active pace and is nearing completion.

The fifth and sixth submarines of the Mozhaisk and Yakutsk series were laid down at the enterprise with the participation of Russian President Vladimir Putin on August 23, 2021

At present, a light hull is being formed on the fourth submarine of the Pacific series “Ufa”, pipe and electrical installation works, and an acoustic coating is being installed.

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