FGS Bonn Deploying for Operation Irini

On Wednesday, September 1st, 2021 at 2 p.m., the task force supplier (EGV) “Bonn” and its crew “cast off”. The EGV leaves its home port Wilhelmshaven to make its way off the coast of Libya. There he will join the Operation European Union Naval Forces Mediterranean (EUNAFVOR MED) “Irini” in the Mediterranean.

“The crew did an incredible and great job in the preparation time, so that we are clear to go into action”, said the commander of the “Bonn”, frigate captain Eike Deußen (47). “Our main task there will be to contribute to the implementation of the arms embargo against Libya. In addition, the illegal export of petroleum products from the country is to be prevented and people smuggling and human smuggling to be prevented. We feel we are well trained and well trained for all of these tasks well prepared, “continued the commander. In order to be able to carry out the order, the crew of the “Bonn” is supplemented by two on-board helicopters from Nordholz and a boarding team. The helicopters serve as an extended arm or as a flying eye to support the EGV in creating a situation report. In an operation area the size of the Federal Republic of Germany, it is almost indispensable. They also spend the boarding team on site or help with the transport of material and personnel. A total of around 220 soldiers will be on board when sailing.

Just like the task force supplier “Berlin”, which supported Operation “Irini” with more than 27,000 nautical miles in the first half of 2021, the “Bonn” will also make the Mediterranean a bit safer with its mission.


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