HNLMS Holland Busy With Cocaine Busts and Haiti Relief

HNLMS Holland is now fully engaged in providing aid to Haiti. The patrol ship steamed up to the earthquake-stricken island on August 20. Just before that, the navy managed to keep more than 2,160 kilos of cocaine off the market in a few days. This happened in an American-led partnership that focuses on international drug control. The catch of the contraband was only announced August 25th.

One of the interceptions was possible after a tip from the Caribbean Coast Guard. He discovered a suspicious go-fast. The NH90 maritime combat helicopter, stationed aboard the Holland, went for it. A Marine Corps sniper then shot down the 3 outboard motors. This was necessary after stop signals and warning shots did not have the desired effect.

Once brought to a halt, a combined US Coast Guard and Marine Corps team stepped onto the go-guest. The team retrieved the discarded drug bales from the sea. It involved more than 1,000 kilograms of cocaine.

After this, Holland involved in a seizure of about 800 kilograms of cocaine. These drugs were also on board a go-fast. After being tipped off, the Holland sailed there. The United States Law Enforcement Detachment on board made this interception a success and seized the cocaine.

A few days later it happened again. Again, the naval vessel deployed the helicopter to force a go-fast to a stop. That succeeded after stop signals and warning shots. About 360 kilos of cocaine thrown overboard was then removed from the water. The suspects were later handed over to the US Coast Guard.

All of the suspects and the drugs were eventually turned over to the US Coast Guard for prosecution in the United States. The 3 catches were made in 1 week. There was another 4th of 1,325 kilos of drugs, but that has already been reported.

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