Beautemps-Beaupré Becomes Radio Link for SAR Incident

On August 22, 2021, while the Beautemps-Beaupré was on a hydrographic and geophysical survey mission in the Gulf of Lion, the watch commander perceived a distress message “PAN PAN” sent by the regional operational center for surveillance and rescue of the Mediterranean (CROSS MED) for a pleasure craft victim of a waterway 20 nautical miles from the Beautemps-Beaupré position.

At the request of the CROSS, and after the agreement of the operational controller CECMED, the Beautemps-Beaupré diverted from its hydrographic mission to serve as a radio transmission relay between the CROSS and the vessel in distress, then be able to provide assistance. In parallel with the rallying of the Beautemps-Beaupré , a SNSM star was also put on alert and set off to join the ship.

The direct radio link established 6 nautical miles from the ship initially made it possible to assess the extent of the damage (a leak in the engine compartment) as well as the safe and sound condition of the three passengers and to report on it. at CROSS MED.

Arriving near the ship, the Beautemps-Beaupré then called her crew back to the assistance station and launched one of her stars with safety equipment, qualified personnel and divers. In coordination with the SNSM star arriving in the area, the taking over of the vessel ended with a towing by the SNSM, the waterway being confirmed as under control.

Once the towing began, the CROSS gave the Beautemps-Beaupré freedom of maneuver, which then returned to its main hydrographic mission.