Russian Navy Training Ship Smolniy Visits Algiers

On August 16, the training ship of the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Navy “Smolniy” moored in the port of Algeria. The purpose of the business visit is to develop interaction in the field of military cooperation between the Russian Navy and the Algerian Navy.

Smolniy was visited by the Charge d’Affaires of the Russian Federation in the ANDR A.A. Marchenko, who inspected the ship, got acquainted with the history and traditions of training future officers of the Russian Navy, and also met with the command staff and sailors of the ship.

As part of the call, the senior on the campaign and the commander of the Smolniy paid a courtesy call to the commander of the Central Naval Region of the ANDR Navy.

Fresh water supplies were replenished, the crew was given rest. Upon completion of the call on August 20, the ship will continue to carry out training tasks.

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