BRP Antonio Luna Exercises With Indian Navy

The Philippine Navy frigate BRP Antonio Luna (FF151) took part in a Maritime Partnership Exercise together with two Indian Navy ships namely INS Ranvijay (Guided Missile Destroyer, D55) and INS Kora (Guided Missile Corvette, P61) on August 23, 2021 in the West Philippine Sea.

The two Indian Navy ships were met by BRP Antonio Luna somewhere on the northwestern coast off Palawan and together subsequently performed several operational maneuvers at sea which were part of the combined evolutions during the exercise. Both navies were very much satisfied with the outcome of these interactions that focus on enhanced interoperability and collaboration.

Recently, BRP Antonio Luna participated in the successfully concluded 19th Southeast Asia Maritime and Cooperation (SEACAT) 2021. Since her commissioning, the ship has been participating in regular drills with friendly foreign navies to improve the ship’s professional capabilities and self-assurance in carrying out its mandate. She is currently assigned to the Naval Forces West under the AFP Western Command. “As a newly-commissioned vessel of the Philippine Navy, BRP Antonio Luna is anticipated to be at par with her foreign counterparts and it is a breath of fresh air to see our modern navy partake in these maritime partnership exercises”, Col Antonio Mangoroban Jr, Acting Commander of Naval Forces West said in a statement.

INS Ranvijay and INS Kora were deployed by the Indian Navy to improve maritime security coordination with partner nations such as the Philippines who have both enjoyed a long-standing friendly relationship for seventy-two years. Since 1998, regular visits by Indian navy vessels to the Philippines have highlighted the two maritime nation-states’ defense cooperation.

The exercise was conducted in contactless manner in compliance with the prevailing pandemic guidelines and all necessary health and safety protocols were strictly observed. After the exercise, the Indian naval ships are scheduled to call at Manila Port for replenishment.

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