Franco-Moroccan Interaction in the Atlantic

The crew of the deep-sea patrol vessel (PHM) Commandant Ducuing, which set sail from the Toulon naval base on Monday, August 9, continues its transit to reach the Corymbe area of ​​operation. On their way, the French soldiers crossed the road of the Moroccan corvette Sultan Moulay Ismail, which allowed the organization of joint training.

Shortly after crossing the Strait of Gibraltar, the crew of the PHM Commandant Ducuing met the Royal Moroccan Navy vessel Sultan Moulay Ismail off Casablanca on Thursday August 12.

The two ships organized several training sequences. Initially, sea refueling maneuvers were conducted by the sailors. They were followed by an exercise in tactical evolutions.

This interaction contributes to the reinforcement of interoperability and to a better mutual knowledge between the two navies.

PHM then resumed his journey to reach Dakar to start the 158th mandate HIGHBUSH operation.

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