French Navy Falcon 50 Fishery Patrols from Dakar

Deployed as part of SAR (Search And Rescue) alerting in Dakar, a Falcon 50M crew from the French Navy carried out a fisheries surveillance mission on August 11, 2021 for the benefit of the Senegalese authorities.

Fishing control is a crucial issue in the sub-region. By verifying vessel authorizations, controls make it possible to fight against overfishing and preserve the richness of local biodiversity to increase efficiency and strengthen Franco-Senegalese cooperation, an inspector from the Directorate for the Protection and Surveillance of Fisheries (DPSP) was present on board during this mission.

The Falcon crew worked in collaboration with two Senegalese patrol boats present in the area, the Taouay and the Djiffere, to whom they transmitted the tactical situation in real time to facilitate checks at sea. Twenty-three ships that were checked during the this mission.

This cooperation mission is directly involved in strengthening interoperability between the two navies and sharing know-how in terms of fishing police and the fight against illegal trafficking.

Based in Dakar, within the framework of agreements on rescue at sea, the Falcon 50 maritime surveillance aircraft of the French Navy participates in maritime security missions in the Gulf of Guinea. It also leads to operational SAGNE patrols in cooperation with the riparian countries to fight against illicit trafficking in this region of the world. With the deployment of French vessels as part of Operation CORYMBE, the Falcon 50 Marine completes the French system stationed in West and Central Africa and participates in the maritime component of operational cooperation implemented regionally by the presence forces.

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