Pollution Exercise for Bougainville and Papeete

On August 9, the Bougainville Overseas Support and Assistance Building (BSAOM) conducted an anti-pollution exercise, in cooperation with the anti-pollution cell of the Papeete naval base.

After deploying a 150-meter boom, the installation of the pollutant pumping system confirmed the crew’s ability to accomplish this type of mission. In a real situation, the shape of the dam, defined by the relative position of the vessel and its boat (a tug can also be called upon if necessary), would serve to collect and concentrate the pollutants to optimize pumping.

Thanks to its consequent storage capacity as well as these handling means, the BSAOM’s missions cover a wide spectrum. The Bougainville can fulfill missions ranging from the fisheries police to supporting local populations in the event of natural disasters, including support for scientific missions.

This training perfectly meets the needs of the FAPF, which for example were mobilized at the end of July for a rescue mission and antipollution expertise on a longliner that had run aground in Anuanurunga, south-east of Tahiti.

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