Commandant Bouan Exercises with Nigerian Navy

February 20, 2020 (Google Translation) – After seven months, the ocean patrol vessel Commander Bouan made his second stopover in Lagos. It made it possible to illustrate a clear progression in cooperation actions between the French and Nigerian Marines.

For six days, including two at sea, Commander Bouan provided a wide range of training (combat first aid, visit operation, cyber) to Nigerian sailors and conducted several training sessions (cross-visits, aviation maneuvers, security assistance to the sea). These cooperation exercises at sea, prepared jointly with the Nigerian Navy, were conducted with the frigate Unity, the patrol boat Nguru and an Agusta A109 helicopter of the Nigerian armed forces.

With a well-equipped and self-sufficient Navy in training, Nigeria is actively seeking new training partners to interact in the Gulf of Guinea region. The French Navy, whose building has provided an almost permanent presence in this area since 1990, thus appears to Nigerian executives as a leading partner.

Cooperation with Nigeria was not limited to exchanges between the military, however. Thus, Commander Bouan’s pasha gave a presentation on the application of detention procedures and restrictive and deprivation of liberty (MRPL) measures on board the vessel to a delegation of 24 magistrates supervised by the UN-Drugs and Crimes (UNODC). This is a particularly topical issue in Nigeria, a main regional player in the fight against piracy and robbery in the Gulf of Guinea.

Since 1990, France has deployed one or two vessels on a Corymbe mission almost permanently in the Gulf of Guinea. The mission has two major objectives: to participate in the protection of French interests in the area as well and to contribute to the reduction of maritime insecurity, by helping in particular to strengthen the capacities of navies bordering the Gulf in the field of maritime security, in the framework of the Yaoundé process. The deployment of French buildings on a Corymbe mission completes the French system prepositioned in West Africa (Gabon, Ivory Coast, Senegal) and participates in the maritime aspect of operational cooperation implemented regionally by these presence forces.

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