US Coast Guard Update Haiti Efforts

Coast Guard and partner agency aircrews continue to respond to critically injured Haitian citizens by transporting them to a higher level of care in Port au Prince, Haiti, Thursday.

After several days of responding to a magnitude 7.2 earthquake in Haiti, Coast Guard aircrews returned home to Clearwater, Thursday, and more Coast Guard aircrews are returning to the response.

“We are proud, but we are also a little heartbroken,” said Petty Officer 3rd Class Michael Diglio, a rescue swimmer deployed to Haiti. “The Haitian citizens are strong, as they would ride in the helicopter calm and composed throughout the one-hour ride to the Port au Prince hospital.”

In the past 24 hours, Coast Guard men and women deployed to Haiti have:

  • flown 37 evolutions
  • saved more than 33 people
  • assisted more than 58 people
  • transported 49 urban disaster and relief personnel
  • transported 1,700 pounds of disaster and relief supplies

Since Sunday, Coast Guard men and women deployed to Haiti have:

  • flown 137 evolutions
  • saved 116 people
  • assisted 177 people
  • transported 234 urban disaster and relief personnel
  • transported 8,500 pounds of disaster and relief supplies

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