Project 11356 Admiral Essen at IDEF 2021 in Istanbul

The crew of the frigate of the Black Sea Fleet “Admiral Essen”, performing tasks as part of the permanent group of the Navy in the Mediterranean Sea, made the transition to Istanbul to participate in the exhibition of weapons and military equipment IDEF 2021.

The exhibition is attended by a number of Russian companies representing aviation and specialized automobile and tracked vehicles, air defense systems, artillery systems and samples of modern small arms.

The IDEF exhibition is one of the ten largest world exhibitions of the defense industry and is one of the most significant arms shows in Europe, in which the crew of the Russian ship will demonstrate one of the modern models of Russian shipbuilding and new weapons systems, the carrier of which it is.

The exhibition will end on August 20, according to its organizers, it presents the products of 1236 defense companies from 53 countries, IDEF 2021 is attended by more than 150 delegations from 79 countries.

After the end of the exhibition, the crew of the Admiral Essen will continue to perform tasks in the Mediterranean Sea.

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