France Launches 158th Operation Highbush Deployment

On 9 August 2021, the ocean-Patrol (MHP) Commander Ducuing sailed from the naval base of Toulon in order to conduct the 158 th mandate HIGHBUSH operation in the Gulf of Guinea.

After entering the CORYMBE area of ​​operation on August 15, the PHM crew are now heading to Dakar (Senegal), the first stage of their deployment, officially marking the start of their mission.

Since 1990, France has deployed one or two buildings in CORYMBE operation on an almost permanent basis in the Gulf of Guinea, in particular to contribute to the reduction of maritime insecurity by helping to build the capacities of the Marines bordering the Gulf and the centers of the structure resulting from the Yaoundé process.

The deployment of French vessels in operation CORYMBE completes the French system stationed in West Africa and participates in the maritime component of operational cooperation implemented regionally by these Presence Forces. More recently, this deployment develops the concept supported by the European Union of a coordinated maritime presence, which aims to strengthen cooperation in the service of maritime security.

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