HNLMS Holland & US Coast Guard Seized 1,325 Kilos of Drugs

August 13, 2021 – The naval ship Holland yesterday, together with units of the Coast Guard, Holland seized 1,325 kilos of drugs. Smugglers transported the narcotics in a speedboat south of Curaçao. 12 people have been arrested.

The Rescue & Coordination Center (RCC) of the Coast Guard has the station ship Zr.Ms. Holland directed to the speedboat. However, the smugglers did not respond to stop signals, after which the NH90 maritime combat helicopter fired several warning shots.

In the end, the go-fast ‘s engines were knocked out with a few focused shots. The FRISC, the fast interceptor vessel of Zr.Ms. Holland, has been deployed to retrieve the people on board from the sinking go-fast and to fish packages out of the water.

There were 12 people on board the smuggling boat, a total of 45 packages were removed from the sea. It contained 1,050 kilograms of cocaine and 275 kilograms of marijuana.

The suspects and drugs were brought ashore where they were met by local police. One suspect was injured during the action. A helicopter rushed this person to the hospital in Curaçao for further treatment.

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