FS Cormoran PASSEX with Belgian Navy

During a stopover in Zeebrugge from 06 to 10 August 2021, the crew of the PSP Cormoran (crew B) and the crew of the Belgian navy patrol vessel Pollux had the opportunity to meet and share their experiences at the occasion of a PASSEX, which will have allowed the two crews to train in group navigation through a tactical evolution exercise (EVOLEX) and mail transfers (TRACOU), with exchanges of personnel at sea.

Helped by the Francophonie of the Belgian crew, the two crews were able to exchange reciprocally, and share their experiences of SAR missions in Pas-de-Calais, monitoring of vessels of military interest in national approaches, monitoring of fisheries , and congratulate ourselves on being able to resume this type of meeting after a particularly poor year in this area.

Set sail from Cherbourg on Friday July 30, after 3 days of changing the crew, the B crew of the Cormorant first spent 48 hours training to regain control of their vessel, before reaching the Strait of Pas-de. -Calais to take his “state action at sea” alert.

After passing through Cherbourg in mid-August for technical reasons, the PSP Cormoran will take to sea again to carry out various missions for the benefit of the State’s action at sea, before returning to a major technical shutdown in a Cherbourg shipyard at the start of ‘fall.

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