Frigate Greenhalgh Decommissions After 26 Years

After 26 years in operation, the Frigate “Greenhalgh” (F-46) left the active service of the Brazilian Navy (MB), on August 10, in a Disarmament Exhibition Ceremony held at the Rio de Janeiro Naval Base (BNRJ) ), chaired by the Navy Chief of Staff, Admiral Marcos Silva Rodrigues.

Built into the MB in 1995, the frigate “Greenhalgh” is the fourth n plane of Police to bear that name, in allusion to John Guard-Navy William Greenhalgh, a character who has gained notoriety in the Naval Battle of Riachuelo. In almost 26 years of active service, the Frigate “Greenhalgh” completed 1,234 days at sea, sailing 247,119 nautical miles, in numerous relevant commissions, such as PARADEX, TROPICALEX/APRESTEX, ADEREX, VENBRAS 2000, ASPIRANTEX, MISSEX and UNITAS. Noteworthy is also the important role played by the Commission in support of the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, contributing to the security of J ogos and raising the name of Brazil to the world.

The event complied with Covid-19’s sanitary prevention protocols and was attended by several authorities, such as the Naval Operations Commander, Squadron Admiral Alipio Jorge Rodrigues da Silva, the Chief of Staff of the Naval Operations Command, Vice -Admiral Claudio Henrique Mello de Almeida, the Commander-in-Chief of the Squadron, Vice Admiral Arthur Fernando Bettega Corrêa , and the Commander of the Surface Force, Rear Admiral Iunis Távora Said, as well as representatives of the first t ripulation and former “Lobo Guerreiro” commanders, such as Fleet Admiral Carlos Augusto de Sousa, retired Minister of the Superior Military Court, who recalled that the Frigate “Greenhalgh” has a rich history in the Brazilian Navy and in the United Kingdom Kingdom, being a “combat tested” ship.

In his words to the crew, Admiral Carlos Augusto also highlighted that “the senior Naval Administration understood that the Frigate ‘Greenhalgh’ fulfilled its mission, even though, visibly, it is in full shape. We all have our time to go to the reserve and ships are no different.”

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