Sankt Petersburg Arrives in Kronstadt for Refit

April 20, 2020 (Google Translation) – The Northern Fleet diesel-electric submarine St. Petersburg completed the inter-naval transition and arrived at the Leningrad Naval Base. In Kronstadt, she will undergo scheduled maintenance and modernization.

The submarine left its main base on the Kola Peninsula – the Polar in early April. Swimming in the Barents and Norwegian seas took place in difficult stormy conditions with strong winds and waves up to 6 points. At the beginning of last week, submariners entered the North Sea, successfully passed the Baltic Straits and from Wednesday made the transition along the Baltic Sea.

The entire route of the diesel-electric submarine “St. Petersburg” was surfaced with an economical speed.

The diesel-electric submarine “St. Petersburg” – the lead ship of Project 677 – is in the Northern Fleet in trial operation and is part of the submarines of the Kola Flotilla of diverse forces. The main base is the city of military glory Polar. The submarine is designed for covert operations in the middle and near sea zones, including for tracking foreign submarines. It is equipped with modern torpedo, mine and missile weapons.

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