Virginio Fasan Takes Break from SNMG2 in Taranto

The Virginio Fasan frigate, under the command of the Frigate Captain Emiliano MAGNALARDO , flag unit of the Commander of the Standing Born Maritime Group 2(SNMG2), Rear Admiral Stefano RUSSO , who left La Spezia on 26 June last, arrived in Taranto on 07 August for a short period of reconditioning (the so-called Summer dispersal) at the end of the first part of the deployment which will see her busy until December 31st

For the crew and the international staff on board, the time has come to recharge the batteries after a demanding activity carried out in these two months in the Mediterranean and Black Seas, respecting during the stops in port stringent protocols for the prevention of Covid-19, at the aim to maintain the high standards of operational readiness required by NATO of the naval units of the Permanent Group.

In the Black Sea, in a complex and varied scenario characterized by very different environmental conditions from the Mediterranean, the Fasan ship and the helicopter SH-101embarked have participated, together with other SNMG2 Units, in two important multinational exercises that take place annually in the region, the SEA BREEZE and the BREEZE , significantly contributing to increasing the level of operational readiness and interoperability of NATO forces and strengthening cooperation relations. with the strategic partners of the region such as Ukraine and Bulgaria, during the naval group’s stops in Odessa and Varna, raising the flag of Italy and NATO .

Before returning to Taranto N ave FASAN instead operated in the Mediterranean, a basin of normal gravitation, guaranteeing the control of maritime spaces and the safety of commercial traffic with a continuous presence and high capacity of the sensors and systems on board.

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