Aconit on Fifth Operation CHAMMAL Deployment

On August 5, 2021, the La Fayette-type frigate (FLF) Aconit set sail from its base port of Toulon for the eastern Mediterranean (MEDOR) to conduct its second deployment of the year. Regenerated by a technical stoppage of three months, the Aconite and her crew reached for the fifth time an area of ​​operations that they know well, barely six months after having left it. The FLF succeeded the Air Defense Frigate (FDA) Forbin to be placed in direct support of Operation CHAMMAL, led by the French armies in the Levant.

The Aconite thus set sail for the Eastern Mediterranean, to fulfill objectives in many fields: knowledge and control of air and sea space, support for the fight against terrorism, regional cooperation or even affirmation of the commitment of the France to respect the law of the sea. The frigate Aconit will patrol mainly in the channel of Syria. It will, however, remain ready to respond to requests from the Commander-in-Chief for the Mediterranean (CECMED), its operational controller, everywhere else in the Mediterranean Sea.

Intervening autonomously, the FLF participates, thanks to its sensors and its helicopter detachment composed of a Panther from the 36F flotilla, in the autonomous assessment of the situation of France in a sensitive region, an essential function for knowing and anticipating changes in theaters of operations and prevent breaches of the law of the sea.

During its patrol, the vessel will conduct several cooperation exercises with neighboring countries in order to strengthen France’s links and interoperability with its allies.

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