Navantia Conducts S81 Combat System Tests

During the week of July 26, the official qualification tests of the first version of the Integrated Nucleus of the Combat System (ICSC) were carried out in the LBTS of the S-80 Program installed in SYSTEMS, and whose result it has been fully satisfactory.

This version, called VC 9.0 SCA, culminates the development of the Nucleus and the advanced integration works in the LBTS with real ship equipment. Its installation on board the S-80 submarine will be carried out from August 31 and after it the Combat System tests will begin.

The ICSC provides the Combat System weapons and sensors with a high level of integration for the optimal management of operational information and the command and control center, allowing the acquisition, evaluation and presentation of all the information necessary for offensive and defensive actions. or intelligence that are developed at all times, including the control of weapons and countermeasures to be used and their launch devices. Thanks to this, the Combat System has the capacity to obtain and track multiple targets in different scenarios and can simultaneously manage:

  • Active and passive sonars with short, medium and long range, for exploration, attack and navigation tasks
  • Electronic, optronic and electromagnetic detection systems, for combat missions or intelligence operations
  • Precise navigation aids
  • Integrated communications system, including satellite link and tactical data link with other naval units through Link-11 and Link-22
  • Weapons systems for intervention at sea: anti-ship missiles launched under the sea, multipurpose heavy torpedoes and mines.

The qualification tests have been designed with a double objective: on the one hand, to guarantee the functionality and availability of the ICSC in a situation of high operational load, supporting the management of the maximum number of contacts and reference points that are established by requirements and, by on the other hand, to demonstrate the integrated operation of the different capacities in scenarios that simulate the real operating conditions for which the ICSC has been designed.

In addition, during the past month of July, the boarding work of the submarine’s Attack Periscope was carried out, and the corresponding consoles were installed, tested and prepared in the Command and Control Room of the S-81 Isaac Peral.

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