Dutch Finally Replacing Recycled Canadian Gun Mounts

April 21, 2020 (Google Translation) – The four air defense and command frigates (LCFs) get new 127mm guns. The Defense Materiel Organization announced the purchase from the Italian manufacturer Leonardo today. Thales Nederland has been contracted by Leonardo as a supplier.

The new mounts will replace the former Canadian Oto-Melara 5in/54 gun mounts from the Iroquois Class destroyers, which are now barely working if at all according to reports.

Photo courtesy of forposterityssake.ca

The four frigates are expected to have their new cannon by 2026. To be precise: the 127/64 LW-Vulcano system. This medium gun system is primarily intended for surface fire and as a naval gun. It can also be used as an anti-aircraft defense.

The Vulcano system includes the following subsystems:

  • the 127mm launch system
  • the fully automated ammunition delivery system. This means there is no need to lift with heavy grenades, which makes the system ARBO-proof.

The supply magazine for the ammunition consists of 4 barrels with 14 grenades each. The artillery can fire standard 127mm ammunition as well as modern guided ammunition.

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