“Sails of the Memory of the Black Sea” Arrived in Feodosia

Launched on August 7 from Sevastopol, the youth historical-patriotic yacht cruise “Sails of the Memory of the Black Sea” arrived in the city of military glory, Feodosia.

At the Sevastopol-Artek crossing in the sea area south of Yalta, the participants of the campaign, laying a wreath on the water, paid tribute to the memory of those who perished on November 7, 1941 on the sanitary-transport ship “Armenia”.

The stay in Feodosia will begin for the participants of the campaign with the laying of a wreath and flowers at the memorial complex “Eternal Flame”, then they will visit the museum of the writer Alexander Grin, as well as the location of the military units of the garrison.

335 teenagers take part in the campaign, among them: the youth soldiers, cadets of the State Medical University named after Admiral F.F. Ushakov, cadets of ChVVMU named after P.S. Nakhimova, students of the Maritime College of Sevastopol State University, representatives of the Artek ICC, cadets of the branch of the Nakhimov Naval School in Sevastopol, pupils of the Sevastopol Children’s Naval Flotilla.

The next port of call for the participants will be the hero city of Novorossiysk.

The rescue tugboat SB-5 and the communications boat KSV-67 of the Black Sea Fleet, the three-masted frigate Khersones, sailing-motor yachts of the ChVVMU them. P.S. Nakhimov “Hermes”, “Fiolent” and “Juno”, cruising yachts of the State Maritime University. F.F. Ushakova “Thank you” and “Success”, as well as the schooner of the International Children’s Center “Artek” “St. Tatiana”. The yacht cruise goes along the route: Sevastopol – Artek – Feodosia – Novorossiysk – Kerch – Sevastopol.

The final ceremony of the campaign will take place on August 22 in Sevastopol.

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