Navantia a Finalist in the Polish Frigate Program

August 6, 2021 – The offer submitted by Navantia to the Polish Ministry of Defense to build three frigates by Transfer of Technology (ToT) has been selected on a ‘short list’ along with two other finalists.

Now, Navantia will participate in the feasibility phase, in which it will present a proposal adjusting the submitted design to the requirements of the Material Directorate of the Polish Ministry of Defense. The final decision on the contractor is expected in 2022.

The offer presented by Navantia is based on the design of the F-100, in service for the Spanish Navy, which has been the starting point for successful export contracts to Norway and Australia.

The Miecznik program launched by the Polish Government envisages the construction of three multi-mission frigates at the local PGZ shipyard through a Technology Transfer (ToT) contract with an international company, a business model in which Navantia has solid experience.

Navantia has long experience in the design and construction of a wide range of frigates, with proven flexibility, therefore, to suit the needs of the Polish Navy.

It has also demonstrated the ability to efficiently execute different models of technology transfer that have allowed the local development of shipbuilding capabilities and also support the life cycle. It is a business model with high added value in which Navantia has success stories through its contracts in Turkey, Saudi Arabia or Australia.

“Navantia is prepared to have a real presence in Poland and in this way contribute to the construction and maintenance of ships. We are proud to be able to put at the disposal of the Polish Navy a collaboration model that has proven to be beneficial both for us and for our partners and that will allow Poland, a friendly and allied country, to equip itself with a technologically very technological naval defense capacity. advanced and proven both in Spain and in other international clients ”, declared the Commercial and Business Development Director of Navantia, Javier Herrador.

The Miecznik frigate construction program is part of an ambitious plan launched by the Polish Government to modernize its Armed Forces with an investment of 115,000 million euros until 2035.

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