Colombian Navy Intercepts Another Cocaine Submersible

In less than a week, the Colombian Navy prevented the entry of more than $128 million into FARC dissident groups, seizing more than 4.2 tons of illicit drugs.

During the course of operations to exercise control of the sea, the Colombian Navy managed to seize more than two tons of cocaine transported aboard a semi-submersible, in the waters of the South Pacific of Nariño. With this seizure, the trafficking and consumption of five million doses of narcotics in countries of the region and the entry of more than $68 million into the finances of the FARC dissident group “Western Bloc Alfonso Cano” were prevented.

Surface units (ships) and coast guard of the Pacific Naval Force, guided by intelligence from the Colombian Navy, managed to intercept a semi-submersible naval device, manned by three subjects, including a foreigner, who were traveling towards Central America.

At the time of inspecting the 15-meter-long naval device, 102 coastals with 2,039 rectangular packages were found that, due to their physical characteristics, correspond to illicit substances, so they were transferred to the dock of the Tumaco Coast Guard Station, where members of the Technical Investigation Corps of the Prosecutor’s Office performed the approved preliminary identification test that yielded positive for 2,040 kilograms of cocaine.

The three subjects were placed at the disposal of judicial police officers of the CTI of the Prosecutor’s Office and must be held accountable for the crimes of use, construction, marketing and/or possession of semi-submersibles or submersibles and trafficking, manufacture and/or carrying of narcotic substances.

With the interdiction of the naval device and the seizure of the drug shipment, it is possible to decisively affect the finances of the FARC dissident armed group “Western Bloc Alfonso Cano that commits crimes under the criminal command of alias “Allende,” in the Pacific of Nariño.

This result, together with the 2.2 tons of narcotics seized in recent days, leaves more than 4.2 tons of illicit drugs seized by the Colombian Navy in less than a week, in addition to preventing the circulation of more than nine million doses of cocaine and more than four million doses of marijuana, thereby mitigating the increase in new drug users worldwide. , violent deaths caused by micro-trafficking and the death of people from overdoses.

The Colombian Navy will continue to deploy all its operational capabilities to counter the criminal actions of FARC dissidents who commit crimes in the South Pacific region of Nariñense, ratifying its commitment to the protection of the national territory and the well-being of all Colombians, while inviting the entire community to provide information to prevent the illegal use of the waters under its jurisdiction. , via lines 146 and 147 available 24 hours a day.

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