Taiwanese Coast Guard Receives New Patrol Vessel

The Marine Commission’s Maritime Patrol Agency Fleet Sub-Administration was commissioned by Taiwan International Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. to build a 100-ton patrol and rescue boat (Taiwan Ship No. HNO.1144). The PP-10073 will be delivered at the Keelung Plant at 14:00 on August 6, 2021. The ceremony was co-chaired by Zhu Youliang, Director of the Keelung Plant of Taiwan International Shipbuilding Corporation and Wu Jinhe, Deputy Director of the Fleet Division of the Marine Patrol Administration.

In order to strengthen the patrol of Taiwan’s waters and protect fishermen, the Maritime Patrol Department of the Oceanic Commission has specially built 100-ton patrol and rescue boats. 15 ships were commissioned by Taiwanese shipping companies. The first 5 patrol and rescue boats have been completed and delivered. The delivery ceremony will be held today. It is the sixth PP-10073 patrol rescue boat, and the other 9 patrol rescue boats are expected to be completed and delivered in 2023.

Director Zhu Youliang expressed his gratitude to the Marine Patrol Administration for its support to Taiwanese vessels. He is very happy to deliver the new vessel to the Marine Patrol Administration and will soon join the Kinmen Marine Patrol Team. The ship started construction on October 7, 108, the keel was laid on June 10, 109, and the launching ceremony was held on February 3, 110. Thanks to the efforts of all colleagues in the Keelung plant and the cooperation of the construction supervision representative surveyors , Work hard to complete.
The ceremony invited VIPs such as the Chief of Maritime Patrol Administration, Ship and Marine Industry Research and Development Center, China Ship Surveying Center, and BV Ship Surveying Center to observe the ceremony. During the ceremony, Director Zhu Youliang of the Keelung Factory of the Taiwan Shipping Company presented the PP-10073 patrol and rescue boat model to Li Haoming, the captain of the Jinmen Marine Patrol Squadron of the Marine Patrol Agency’s fleet. The Deputy Director Wu Jinhe of the Marine Patrol Agency’s fleet witnessed the delivery ceremony.

This boat uses the European standard German MTU high-speed main engine, the maximum speed can reach 30 knots, and the endurance can reach 1,200 miles (about 2,160 kilometers). By improving the performance of the main engine and improving the engine room configuration, the total weight of the ship is increased, and the navigation stability and fitness are effectively improved. Navigation. Taiwanese shipping companies actively cooperate with the “National Shipbuilding” policy to build the Marine Patrol Agency and the Navy to build ships with excellent combat performance. At present, in addition to the 100-ton series ships, there are still 4000-ton and 1,000-ton vessels commissioned by the Marine Patrol Agency. Class patrol rescue ship is under construction. In the future, in addition to the construction of various warships and official ships, we will also actively strive for long-term maintenance contracts for all types of ships of the Maritime Patrol. Negative people’s expectations.

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