Transport Floating Dock Sviyaga to Transport Nuclear Submarine Leninsky Komsomol

The ships of the Zvezdochka Ship Repair Center (part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation) completed work on the preparation of the Sviyaga floating transport dock (TPD) for the installation of the first domestic nuclear submarine K-3 Leninsky Komsomol, followed by the transportation of the nuclear submarine to Kronstadt, where it will become the main exhibit at the Island of Forts Museum of Naval Glory.

July 31, TPD “Sviyaga” began the transition from Severodvinsk to the shipyard “Nerpa”. The Nerpa specialists carried out the docking of the nuclear submarine for dismantling the hydroacoustic complex and preparing the Leninsky Komsomol for loading onto a floating transport dock. All these works are performed by the Zvezdochka CA at its own expense.

The preparation of the TPD “Sviyaga” for the intake of “K-3” was carried out in a three-shift mode, seven days a week. For the manufacture of the keel track, side stops and other complex structures, Zvezdochka shipbuilders used more than 75 tons of metal and 62 cubic meters of sawn timber. Also, work was carried out to prepare the material part of the dock itself for a difficult transition.

In the process of manufacturing the slipway and retrofitting the floating dock, shipyard shipbuilders have solved many design and technological problems to ensure the stability of the nuclear submarine during transportation.

Measures to ensure the transportation of the Leninsky Komsomol nuclear submarine to Kronstadt are of the highest priority. All stages of this project are controlled by the General Director of the USC Alexei Rakhmanov, the leadership of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the command of the Russian Navy. Note that the preparation of TPD “Sviyaga” was carried out not to the detriment of the production plan of the enterprise.

It is planned that the transfer of the Sviyaga TPD to the Nerpa Shipyard will take 3-4 days. The subsequent passage to Kronstadt from K-3 on board is planned to be completed within 10-14 days. The administration of the White Sea-Baltic Canal is ready to let the Sviyaga with the legendary K-3 on board out of turn.

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