Colombian Navy Assists in Major FARC Cocaine Interception

August 2, 2021 – A forceful blow to the finances of the FARC dissidents was delivered during the development of three joint and inter-institutional operations carried out between the Colombian Navy, the National Army and the Attorney General’s Office, on the Pacific coast of Nariñense, thanks to the traffic of more than three million doses of cocaine was prevented, a complex for the production of the narcotic was destroyed and a semisubmersible naval device was intercepted. It is estimated that with this result the illegal organizations were affected by approximately 40 million dollars.

This offensive against illicit drug trafficking carried out by the Colombian Navy, allowed the location and destruction of a complex for the production of coca base paste and crystallization of cocaine hydrochloride, in the general area of ​​the Sanquianga National Natural Park, in the department of Nariño, thereby avoiding the impact on the natural resources of this protected area.

Inside the illegal complex, belonging to the residual Organized Armed Group “Columna Móvil Franco Benavides”, 847 kilograms of narcotics, 825 kilograms of solid supplies and 2,232 gallons of liquid supplies were found, among which were different highly polluting chemical substances from according to the rigorous tests carried out by the CTI Judicial Police officials.

In the development of subsequent operations, a semi-submersible was located, apparently belonging to the residual Organized Armed Group “Western Block Alfonso Cano”, with the capacity to transport more than two tons of narcotics. The naval device located in an area of ​​estuaries on the Nariñense coast, was ready to be loaded with narcotics and would be used by the criminal organization to traffic them to other countries in the region.

Complementing the operational effort, in the development of maritime surveillance, control and security operations carried out by Units of the Pacific Naval Force, a go fast boat was interdicted 62 nautical miles from the Sanquianga National Natural Park, within which the They found 386 kilograms of cocaine, 1,045 gallons of fuel and communications equipment. Three subjects were also captured, including a foreign citizen.

The subjects and the seized cargo were transferred to the Tumaco Coast Guard Station, where officials from the CTI of the Prosecutor’s Office carried out the approved preliminary identification test, yielding a positive result for cocaine hydrochloride.

With the results obtained in the development of these three operations, the Colombian Military Forces continue to affect the financial structures of the FARC dissidents that commit crimes in the southwestern part of the country, denying them the ability to harm the Nariño population, the environment and the the consolidation of criminal activities.

The Colombian Military Forces maintain the offensive against drug trafficking, the main factor that generates violence on the Pacific Coast of Nariñense, developing joint, coordinated and inter-institutional operations in a sustained manner that affect the drug trafficking chain and take away space from illicit economies with which residual Organized Armed Groups intend to profit. Likewise, they are grateful for the collaboration of citizens who continue to trust the institutionality, for the consolidation of the territory and invite them to continue using the free lines 146 and 147.

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