Submarine Isaac Peral Receives Attack Periscope

The S-81 submarine that Navantia is building in Cartagena for the Navy already has the attack periscope and is preparing the ignition of the engines, scheduled for the last quarter of 2021.

The S-81 went into dry dock at the end of June for a first scheduled grounding in which the attack periscope has been installed and the Integrated Platform Control System (SICP), already operational, has been tested.

In addition, the ship is preparing for the ignition of the engines, scheduled for the last quarter of 2021, although before, at the end of August, the first official version of the core of the combat system will be loaded.

Since the launching on May 7, we have carried out tests of blowing and ventilation of ballasts, of keeping the watertightness of ballasts afloat and of seawater cooling.

Lanyards, bilge, leveling and regulation, inertial navigation system, ventilation monitoring and air conditioning systems have also been tested.

Following tests at the Navantia shipyard’s armament dock in Cartagena, the submarine was transferred back to shore on June 25 for the first of the two planned groundings before being able to put to sea. An optronic sensor on the head of the mast of the same name and the attack periscope have been installed on this grounding.

The shipyard staff has also started and tested the Integrated Platform Control System (SICP), developed by Navantia Sistemas, which is now fully operational.

Lastly, the combat system consoles have been put into operation with the necessary software to start up the sonars. The SICP is a set of hardware and software elements that allow the automation, control and supervision of all the equipment installed on the ship, with the exception of the combat system and the communications system.

At the end of that month, the company’s technicians will load the first official version of the combat system’s core, the so-called CSLO (Combat System Lightoff) milestone, a system also designed by Navantia Sistemas.

In parallel, Navantia is already preparing the submarine for the next safety milestone, which will take place in the last quarter of the year and which involves the start-up of the alternator-rectifier diesel groups and the subsequent battery charging by means of them.

If all goes according to plan, the submarine’s first sailing outing is scheduled for the first quarter of 2022, although the final delivery of the first S-80 series submersible to the Navy is scheduled for a year later, between February and March. of 2023.

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