Replica Ship Poltava Waiting for Permanent Home in St Petersburg

The sailing 54-gun battleship “Poltava” (a copy of the ship of the Petrine era), which took part in the Main Naval Parade, moored at the English Embankment of St. Petersburg. Currently, the ship is preparing to move to a permanent place of basing, where it will be towed with improved hydrometeorological conditions. During the parade on July 25, the sailboat headed the parade formation of ships of static display on the Neva.

“Poltava” – 54-gun battleship of the 4th rank, launched on June 15 (26), 1712 from the slipway of the St. Petersburg Admiralty. Peter I took a personal part in its construction. The ship received its name in honor of the victory won by the Russian army over the Swedes in the Battle of Poltava.

Its copy was built at the historical shipyard “Poltava” in Saknt-Petersburg, which is the only enterprise in the Russian Federation associated with the historical and modern sailing fleet. This ship began to be built in 2013.

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