Refueling the San Martin Base

February 20, 2020 (Google Translation) – As part of the third stage of the Antarctic Summer Campaign 2019/20 and after almost two days of navigation, the icebreaker ARA “Almirante Irizar” arrived yesterday afternoon near the joint San Martin Antarctic base in Margarita Bay and, immediately after, it began its refueling.

On Monday the ship had sailed from the joint Antarctic base Primavera where it carried out the cargo folding and bowed south. The next day, at 4:55 p.m., the unit crossed the Antarctic Polar Circle while navigating the Bellingshausen Sea.

In the early hours of the morning and prior to the arrival at the San Martin base, the transfer by boat of the Land Component of the Antarctic Joint Command to the area where the Paso de los Andes refuge is located, located on one of the Henkes islets and inaugurated on October 9, 1957; there will be repair work of the refuge.

A few hours later, the naval unit was already anchored in the vicinity of the Barry islet, where the San Martin joint Antarctic base is located, under the Land Component of the Antarctic Joint Command.

From that moment on, a day of hard work began during which the base change ceremony and a religious celebration took place, in which the Malvinera Virgin was present.

On board the icebreaker he moved to the incoming endowment of the permanent San Antarctic joint base consisting of 20 members: 15 from the Argentine Army, two Air Force meteorologists, two scientists from the National Directorate of the Antarctic and, for the first time in the history of that base, a cash of the Argentine Navy .

The ceremony of the Chief of the Base was chaired by the Commander of the Terrestrial Component of the Antarctic Joint Command (COCOANTAR), Colonel Adolfo Ernesto Humarán, accompanied by the Antarctic Joint Commander, General of Just Division Francisco Treviranus; the Commander of the Naval Component of the Antarctic Joint Command, Captain Carlos María Allievi; the chief scientist of the National Directorate of the Antarctic, Dr. Antonio Curtosi; officers of the General Staff of the Antarctic Joint Command and the incoming and outgoing endowments.

To begin, those present sang the stanzas of the Argentine National Anthem and read the order of the Antarctic Joint Command in which Captain Damien Armando Kessy was appointed as the new base chief.

Hours later, in the facilities where the San Martín Base Multidisciplinary Antarctic Laboratory (LASAN) operates, a religious celebration was held by the chaplain Luis Eduardo Scrinzi with the presence of the Virgin of Luján “Malvinera” located in pilgrimage through the different Argentine Antarctic bases and is transferred aboard Irízar.

On a continuous basis, even during the night, the resupply of the base continued through Sea King helicopters and smaller vessels, which are expected to end during this day, if favorable weather conditions are maintained.

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