Modern Frigates for the Polish Navy

July 27, 2021 (Google Translation) – At Stocznia Wojenna in Gdynia, an agreement was signed between the Armament Inspectorate and the PGZ-Miecznik Consortium for the supply of three frigates for the Polish Navy under the “Miecznik” program. This contract is the largest ever order for the domestic defense industry.

I am glad that shortly after ordering the ABRAMS tanks for the armored forces, we can sign a contract, which is an order for 3 ships for the Polish Navy. These ships will be manufactured in Poland by the consortium. When I spoke to the presidents, I said that I expect the process of building these ships to be as fast, as efficient as it is for the Kormoran minehunter. This is a showcase of the capabilities and possibilities of the Polish defense industry. At the same time, this is proof that it is possible to build ships in Poland that are very well rated by Polish seafarers. I am convinced that this will also be the case for the three multi-task frigates, said Minister Mariusz Błaszczak.

The program for acquiring new ships of the frigate class for the Navy under the code name “Miecznik” is one of the projects of the Technical Modernization Plan 2021-35. The Navy will receive three frigates equipped with modern radar, artillery and missile systems. The new frigates will carry out a wide range of tasks in Polish sea areas and in cooperation with Allies as part of joint missions, operations and exercises.

These will indeed be ships that will constitute a significant force in the Baltic Sea. Their role is primarily to defend the Polish coast, but they will also be used, like the frigates currently operating within the navy, in allied missions, in NATO missions – emphasized the minister.

During the visit to the Shipyard in Gdynia, the head of the Ministry of National Defense informed about the details of the contract for the delivery of frigates by the domestic defense industry. – We have a precisely defined work plan. The tasks are listed in detail. By the end of November, three concept designs will be prepared by the consortium. Then, no later than at the turn of this year and next year, the best of the three concepts will be selected. When it comes to military requirements, and of course when it comes to costs. Then the consortium will start work related to the preparation of the technical design and then the construction of the first ship. According to the adopted schedule, we want the first ship to be launched in four years. It is possible, ladies and gentlemen. It is an ambitious goal, but possible to achieve – emphasized Minister M. Błaszczak.

Announced in April this year. by the Armament Inspectorate, the proceedings were conducted in the form of negotiations with one contractor. The agreement between the Armament Inspectorate and the PGZ-Miecznik Consortium (which includes Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa SA, PGZ Stocznia Wojenna Sp. Z oo and Remontowa Shipbuilding SA) will allow for the creation of many new jobs in shipyards and defense companies. Development works and the construction of the ordered ships will be performed by companies from the Polish defense industry. The acquired competences will allow the Polish armaments industry to become involved in other projects related to the Navy.

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