Project 20386 Merkuriy Superstructure Delivered to Severnaya Verf

July 20, 2021 (Google Translation) – From the Sredne-Nevsky shipyard (SNSZ) to the Severnaya Verf (both enterprises are part of the USC) the superstructure for the corvette Merkuriy of project 20386 was delivered.

The superstructure made of composite materials, developed by the Almaz Central Design Bureau for Project 20386, is a unique hull structure. It has a high strength and reduced specific gravity, which makes it possible to increase the useful volume of the ship to accommodate modern systems and equipment, office and living quarters for the crew.

The superstructure was delivered to the Severnaya Verf by a barge. The technologically complex unloading operation lasted several hours: the barge with the superstructure was brought into the factory floating dock and installed on special supports – “beds”. Having pumped water out of the dock, they raised it to the same level as the slipway, installed ship trolleys under the barge and rolled it onto the slipway, where, with the help of two cranes, the superstructure was moved to the site for further work on internal saturation.

At present, hull work is underway on the corvette Merkuriy.

Project 20386 multipurpose corvettes are the latest development of Russian designers. Corvettes are designed to detect and destroy enemy submarines and surface ships, to ensure the landing of troops, as well as to solve various tasks in the near sea zone. The ships are equipped with artillery, anti-missile, anti-submarine, hydroacoustic and radar systems. The project provides for a hangar for the Ka-27 helicopter.

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