Mission Jeanne d’Arc 2021 Highlights

On Friday July 9, 2021, the Jeanne d’Arc school group returned to its base port. Composed of the Tonnerre amphibious helicopter carrier (PHA) and the La Fayette (FLF) Surcouf type frigate , the training group has made a big comeback in Toulon after more than five months of operational deployment from the Mediterranean Sea to the Pacific Ocean.

Leaving Toulon on February 18, the Jeanne d’Arc school group embarked on the Marine Officers Application School (EAOM), made up of one hundred and forty-five students and thirty-five instructors. The group also embarked a detachment of the amphibious flotilla (a fast amphibious landing craft and two barges for the transport of material), a detachment of the 36F Flotilla (a Panther helicopter), a detachment of the light aviation of the army. de Terre (two Gazelle helicopters), an on-board battle group commanded by the 2 nd Foreign Infantry Regiment (REI), as well as a medical reinforcement.

International cooperation

During these 141 days of deployment (including 110 days at sea), the Jeanne d’Arc group traveled 25,150 nautical miles (more than 46,500 kilometers) in order to train and operate with 11 different countries. From the LA PÉROUSE 21 exercise to the ARC21 multi-fight exercise, including the fight against drug trafficking in the Indian Ocean, the PHA Tonnerre and the FLF Surcouf have strengthened France’s interoperability with its strategic partners, in particular Australia, the United States, India or Japan. During his patrol in the Indian Ocean in direct support of the Combined Task Force (CTF) 150, the detection capabilities of the Panther helicopter from detachment 36F were a valuable asset, in particular identifying two suspicious dhows on which more than six tonnes of cannabis resin were seized out of the 8.2 tonnes seized. in total.

Training of student officers

The JEANNE D’ARC mission also includes a training component for young naval officers. Completing and concluding the training they received at the Naval School or at the School of Commissioners of the Armed Forces, this application campaign combined theoretical courses and practical exercises.

Thus, there are more than 622 hours of lessons, 343 practical work at the operations center, 106 presentations in refueling at sea, 115 helm damage exercises, 69 man overboard exercises, 132 coordinated navigation exercises, 143 safety training and 5,856 shift hours, which were carried out by all the student officers.

Graduation ceremony

On Thursday, July 8, 2021, Wing Vice-Admiral Goutay, Director of Military Personnel of the Navy (DPMM), embarked aboard the PHA Tonnerre to preside over the graduation ceremony for the student officers. On this occasion, he was accompanied by Wing Vice-Admiral Hello, Director of Human Resources for the Ministry of the Armed Forces (DRH-MD), Wing Vice-Admiral Baudouard, Commander of the Naval Action Force (ALFAN), Rear Admiral Baudonniere, Commander of the Naval School (ALENAV) and General Commissioner Garapin, Director of the School of Commissioners of the Armed Forces. This moment, imbued with emotion and pride, enabled the best students from the operations, energy, curatorial and international master’s fields to be honored. “You can be proud of the demanding mission you have just accomplished. In particular, you have discovered almost all the situations you will be faced with in the next few years. »Concluded Captain Tranchant, commander of the Joan of Arc school group . At the end of nearly five months of mission, these one hundred and forty-five new officers are now preparing to join their next assignment.

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