French Recap of DYNAMIC MONGOOSE 21

(Google Translation) – For two weeks, Exercise DYNAMIC MONGOOSE 21 brought together units from several nations in an anti-submarine warfare exercise.

On June 25, the Marne Command and Supply Building (BCR) was engaged alongside the frigates Iver Huitfeldt (Denmark), Halifax (Canada) as well as a Norwegian submarine and maritime patrol aircraft. At the beginning of July, the Alsace multi-mission frigate with reinforced air defense capacity (FREMM DA) joined the units present. The Alsace has provided valuable support to surface forces with its dedicated acoustic sensors.

For the Marne , DYNAMIC MONGOOSE 21 was also an opportunity to practice shooting as part of asymmetric wrestling. Thus, it deployed its 40mm gun against a surface target operating at high speed and remotely controlled from the frigate Halifax . The period of cooperation was punctuated by numerous Replenishment at Sea (RAM), carried out thanks to the teams of boatswain and logistics of the BCR crew. The teams were able to adapt to the needs of the force vessels: liquid RAM, light load transfer, etc. These complex maneuvers were also the opportunity to train the bridge teams, in particular to qualify young watchmen of the frigate Iver Huitfeldt,and allow communication by optical signals for the Marne .

An Atlantic maritime patrol aircraft 2 was deployed to the Norwegian air base in Andoya. On June 24, twenty-six sky sailors thus began their participation in this exercise to qualify a new crew on the new standard 6 of this aircraft. In summary, six flights were carried out during DYNAMIC MONGOOSE 21 for a total of 32.5 hours.

These deployments in the North Atlantic, in an international context, make it possible to maintain the qualification of crews and equipment, both in the field of operations and in the knowledge of this particular environment. The French Navy thus maintains its high level of expertise and its interoperability with its main allies.

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