Conning Tower of Project 661 Anchar Being Restored at Sevmash

(Google Translation) – The cabin of the fastest nuclear submarine in the world, project 661 Anchar, was handed over to Sevmash (part of USC) for repair work. The structure was transported from the territory of the Zvezdochka Ship Repair Center by waterway.

The nuclear submarine was built at Sevmash in 1969. During the period of combat service, she developed a speed of up to 44.7 knots (more than 80 km / h), which until now is an absolute world record for submarines. The missile carrier was withdrawn from the Navy in 1988. After the decommissioning of the Zvezdochka CS, the cabin of the unique nuclear-powered ship was preserved on its territory.

Now the structure of the nuclear submarine is located at the temporary placement site near the workshop No. 42, where the construction of the ship was carried out. After the conclusion of an agreement with the administration of Severodvinsk, Sevmash will start fault detection and repair work.

The cabin of the nuclear submarine, popularly called “Goldfish”, will be installed in the Primorsky Park in Severodvinsk as a memorable object demonstrating the skill and talent of Sevmash shipbuilders, designers of the Malakhit bureau, representatives of contractor organizations that created, carried out repairs and maintained the combat capability of this ship. The engineers of the Sevmash design bureau took part in the development of the project of the commemorative composition.

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