KRI Teluk Youtefa Commissioned in Jakarta

July 12, 2021 (Google Translation) – KRI Teluk Youtefa-522, the 5th domestically produced Tank Transport (AT) ship from the PT. Daya Radar Utama (DRU), Lampung immediately joined forces to strengthen the Main Equipment Armament System (Alutsista) of the Indonesian Navy after it was inaugurated by the Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Yudo Margono, SE, MM at Pondok Dayung Pier, Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta, Monday (12/02/2011). 7).

The inauguration began with the signing of the news of the ship’s handover from the Director of Daya Radar Utama Agus Gunawan to the Head of the Naval Procurement Service (Kadisadal) Admiral Maman Rohman, ST, M.Han., then handed it over to Aslog Kasal Admiral TNI Puguh Santoso, SE, MM from Aslog Kasal was handed over to Pangkolinlamil Admiral TNI Arsyad Abdullah, SE, MAP, as the unit that will operate the KRI Youtefa-522 ship.

In this activity, the inauguration of the Commander of KRI Teluk Youtefa 522n was also carried out to Marine Lt. Col. (P) I Nyoman Armenthia W., SH, M.Tr. Hanla, an AAL alumni batch 47 in 2001 as the first ship commander will serve in the Military Sea Cross Command (Kolinlamil).

Kasal in his speech said that the construction of these tank-type ships is an integral part of the development of the Indonesian Navy’s strength in accordance with the existing strategic planning. These AT ships will greatly support the duties of the Navy, both in military operations for war and military operations other than war, as a manifestation of a professional, modern and tough Navy.

This ship is the 5th ship from AT-AT which was built in a domestic shipyard so that later it can replace tank transport ships that are over 40 years old from Korea such as the KRI Teluk Semangka class, KRI Teluk Turtle and so on. “I hope that with the addition of the KRI type of tank transport with a capacity of 360 soldiers with 120 crew members, it can support the main tasks of the Indonesian Navy, especially in joint operations, namely amphibious operations and administrative landing operations. Apart from troops, this ship can also transport leopard tanks and amphibious tanks,” said Kasal.

KRI Youtefa-522 is the 5th KRI Tank Transport (AT) type with a specification of 120 meters long, 18 meters wide, 7.8 meters high and a draft of 3 meters (full load) with a weight of 4508 tons. Maximum speed of 16 knots, cruising speed of 14.8 knots and economic speed of 13.6 knots with a cruising capability of 7200 nautical miles and capable of sailing for 20 days using two 4,320 kw stx-man diesel engines. KRI Teluk Youtefa-522 can carry 10 leopard tanks, 1 armored unit 2 AVBL, 1 transporter unit, 2 helicopters and 361 troops.

KRI Teluk Youtefa – 522 has a basic function as a tank transport ship, the main task of the tank transport ship is to transport war equipment, logistics and personnel from the base of the base to the target area on a limited basis. Meanwhile, additional functions that can be carried out by KRI Teluk Youtefa-522 are transporting helicopters for special tasks such as reconnaissance, raids and others as well as being able to transport troops in the context of replacing troops, being able to transport logistical equipment in order to resupply troops in the operating area. This ship is also capable of carrying out limited search and rescue in the search and rescue of victims of accidents at sea.

The name Youtefa Bay is taken from the name of the bay in Jayapura, Papua. The ship is designed to carry the Army’s Leopard type MBT (Main Battle Tank) and the Marines’ BMP-3F tank. Also present on the occasion were Kasal Assistants, Commanders of the Indonesian Navy, Heads of Service at Headquarters and other invitees.

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