Rio Solimões Conducting River Survey Operations

(Google Translation) – Fluvial Hydro-oceanographic Notice “Rio Solimões”, subordinated to the Northwest Hydrography and Navigation Center (CHN-9), is carrying out drilling activities in the Rio Branco, near the city of Caracaraí (RR), in compliance with the III Brazilian Nautical Cartographic Plan (III PCNB). The commission also includes a survey at the confluence of the Negro and Branco rivers, in compliance with the Pró-Amazônia Azul Program. The ship left Manaus (AM), on June 1st, starting the commission that will continue until July 15th.

The Hydrographic Surveys (LH) carried out by the Navy in Rio Branco will generate subsidies for the production of cartographic documents, in compliance with the III PCNB, contributing to the establishment of a safe route for vessels, due to constant changes in bathymetry and river banks in the Amazon region.

Conducting the survey allows knowledge of the river’s characteristics and reinforces the Navy’s commitment to be present in the most distant places in the Brazilian Amazon. The action will contribute to the socioeconomic and infrastructure development of municipalities and cities in the area, such as Santa Maria do Boiaçu and Caracaraí, facilitating commercial relations by river between these cities and other states and even with other countries, enabling the generation of employment and income for the local population.

The LH carried out by means subordinate to the CHN-9 constitute a highly complex technical work that contributes to the increase in navigation safety and economic development in the Western Amazon.

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