Audaz Home from African Deployment

April 14, 2020 (Google Translation) – This morning at 0800 hours, the “Audacious” Maritime Action Ship docked at the Levante dock of the Cartagena Military Arsenal, thus ending an African Deployment that for a month and a half has led this ship to patrol the waters of the Gulf of Guinea and from West Africa.

During this period, in which the ship has remained integrated into the Operational Structure of the Armed Forces depending on the Maritime Security and Surveillance Command (CMVSM), Spain’s interests in the area have been defended, such as fishing or maritime traffic of hydrocarbons, contributing to conflict prevention in a particularly sensitive area.

Additionally, the ship has participated in Cooperative Security activities conducting training in areas of Internal Security, Physical Security, Maritime Security, Diving and Health, for a total of 57 members of the Mauritanian navy during three days, as well as training exercises in the sea with the Italian frigate “Luigi Rizzo”, among which the first shot of an NH-90 aboard this unit stood out.

Similarly, on April 1, health care was successfully carried out for the Danish-flagged oil tanker “Torm Maren”, who was with three accident victims on board after breaking the cable of the crane that hoisted them on the boat, rushing from a height of 20 meters. The health personnel treated and stabilized the patients for 6 hours until the ship arrived in the territorial waters of the Republic of Guinea.

Although the ship sailed on March 1 with the intention of remaining a total of five months deployed, the difficulties in carrying out the logistical support of the ship in the area derived from the expansion of COVID-19 by the African continent, finally motivated its return to national territory, having completed a total of 8900 miles sailed in these 45 days.

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