Project 22350 Admiral Kasatonov Final Trials in the Baltic

April 14, 2020 (Google Translation) – The newest frigate of Project 22350 Admiral Kasatonov arrived at the main naval base of the Baltic Fleet in Baltiysk to complete state sea trials.

In the near future, the frigate will begin the final stage of state tests in the marine ranges of the Baltic Fleet. During their conduct, representatives of the factory commissioning team, together with the crew of the ship, will check the operation of all units, systems and units, navigation and radio equipment, as well as perform a complex of artillery firing at sea and air targets. The tests will involve ships and support vessels of the Baltic Fleet, as well as naval aviation of the Baltic Fleet.

In the Baltic sea ranges, new equipment is regularly tested for the Russian Navy and foreign countries. In support of these measures, ships, support vessels, rescue forces and naval aviation of the Baltic Fleet are constantly involved.

Admiral Kasatonov is the second Russian frigate of project 22350. The lead ship of this project is one of the most modern ships of the Russian Navy – Admiral Gorshkov was included in the Northern Fleet in July 2018.

The ships of this project are created using stealth technology (“stealth”), they are designed to conduct operations in the far ocean against surface ships and submarines of the enemy, to repel attacks of air attack means, both independently and as part of a combination of ships.

The frigates are armed with a 130-mm A-192 artillery mount, a Redut anti-aircraft missile system, and launchers for 16 Onyx or Caliber-NK anti-ship missiles. The package-NK complex was used as anti-submarine weapons. They carry on board the Ka-27 anti-submarine helicopter.

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