Commandant Bouan on West Africa Patrol

June 24, 2021 (Google Translation) – On 17 June, Commander Bouan arrived in southern Nigeria. He thus began a new stage of his mission in the Gulf of Guinea: the fight against piracy. In this area where piracy is on the increase, the presence of a navy vessel makes it possible to reassure commercial vessels and to deter bad intentions.

Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea has developed in recent years at the same time as the modes of action have evolved. The first attacks were mainly aimed at the theft of goods (oil, containers, ship’s equipment…) while the modus operandi now preferred is the hostage taking of sailors from merchant ships in order to obtain a ransom.

CHANNA patrols have been set up within CORYMBE deployments, to combat piracy. The presence of Commander Bouan in the area where these acts are most frequent, helps to deter the action of the pirates. The contacts with neighboring vessels (trawlers, cargo ships, etc.) reassure the various actors working in this area rich in fishery and oil resources. This patrol allowed the vessel to conduct an exercise confrontation with a pirate attack, against a ship within range of a warship of the French Navy.

After four days of patrolling, the PHM then set sail for Cameroon to conduct a SAGNE patrol (fisheries surveillance and pollution control mission) in interaction with the Cameroonian Forces.

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