Two Colombian Officers Taking Part in Operation Atalanta

June 22, 2021 (Google Translation) – Two Colombian Navy Officers arrived at the Rota Naval Base located in the province of Cádiz in Spain to join the United Nations Integrated Stabilization Atalanta European Union Naval Force in Somalia, off the Horn of Africa and in the Western Indian Ocean, within the framework of their operations to help eradicate piracy off the coasts of Somalia and the Gulf of Aden.

The Captain Jairo Adolfo Sánchez Hernández and the Lieutenant Juan Pablo Montoya Méndez, traveled during this weekend and will be part of this Naval Force for six months. After the initial induction, one of the Officers will join the General Staff and the other Officer will sail aboard the Navarra Frigate of the Spanish Navy, within the framework of the operations carried out in this region.

In a military ceremony presided over by Vice Admiral José María Núñez Torrente, Commander of the European Naval Force Mediterranean – Eunavfor Med Operation Sophia, the National Pavilion was raised at the facilities of the Naval Base, as part of the welcome to the Colombian Navy for its participation in this operation.

Participation in Operation Atalanta 2015

It should be remembered that the Colombian Navy participated in Operation Atalanta with the ship ARC “7 de Agosto” in 2015 and under the tutelage of the Spanish Navy, carried out the protection of the ships of the Munidal Food Program determined by the Force of Task according to their vulnerability, accompanying them within the assigned area and delivering them in a safe zone to other military units of the different countries that participate in Operation “Atalanta”.

To fulfill this mission, the capabilities of the crew and the execution of the procedures were evaluated and certified on three occasions. The first evaluation was carried out by the Colombian Navy’s Fleet Evaluation Center. Subsequently, it was evaluated by the Combat Evaluation Center – Cevaco, of the Spanish Navy in Rota, which verified the capabilities that allowed it to integrate with the Multinational Task Force of Operation “Atalanta” contributing to the preservation of good order at sea against threats of a transnational nature and for the protection of vulnerable vessels in the Horn of Africa.

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