85 years ago construction of Sevmash and Severodvinsk began

June 18, 2021 (Google Translation) – June 18 marks 85 years since the landing of the first builders of the future Sevmash (part of the USC) and Severodvinsk on the coast of the White Sea at the mouth of the Northern Dvina. The first landing of workers, led by the head of the construction site Ivan Kirilkin, began the construction of the country’s largest shipbuilding plant.

According to the idea of ​​the design organization “Soyuzproektverf”, plant No. 402 (as Sevmash was originally called) in terms of capacity was supposed to be equal to the capacities of all shipyards in Leningrad. The work was started by Joseph Stalin, in May 1936 he signed a decree on the creation of the shipyard. Two and a half weeks later, the motor ship “Ivan Kalyaev” arrived at the deserted coast with the first builders on board. They had a lot of work ahead of them. Only the ancient Nikolo-Korelsky monastery, where the workers were housed, stood on this territory. The area was swampy. It was to be drained and construction started. The project will be completed in just three and a half years.

The site of the new plant was chosen exceptionally well for the creation and repair of powerful ships: direct access to the practically ice-free White Sea and further to the ocean; the presence of a large river for cooling the CHP units. The plant was supposed to become not only the most progressive in terms of applied technologies, it was created by advanced methods with the use of broad cooperation of industrial enterprises. In a short time, a passenger and cargo berth, a department store, and a horse yard for 500 horses were built on the territory of the future city and plant. 2300 meters of a slate road have been laid. 2500 people worked at the construction site.

Image from navypedia.org

Professions were taught right on the spot, according to specially approved textbooks. By May 1937, 9,750 people were already working at the construction site, and by the end of the year – 15,532. During the year, the builders put into operation a brick and two concrete factories, quarries for the extraction of sand, clay, mechanical workshops, metalwork workshops, electrical installation. 10 kilometers of railway tracks and 15 – slate wooden roads were laid, a railway line to Isakogorka station was put into operation. The motor transport sector consisted of 283 vehicles and tractors. 193 wooden houses, 17 boiler houses, three baths, a laundry room and even greenhouses in which vegetables were grown were built for residents. There were four schools, a clinic, a hospital, 12 canteens, three bakeries, six shops. Sevmash was built in 1939. On December 21, the first ship, the world’s largest battleship Sovetskaya Belorussia, was laid down on the slipway. Throughout its history, the enterprise has built 134 nuclear submarines, 40 diesel submarines and 45 surface ships, as well as unique civilian facilities,

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