Parramatta Returns to Sydney

June 18, 2021 – Deploying to Asia for two months was a memorable experience for the crew of HMAS Parramatta – but nothing beats the feeling of coming home.

The Anzac-class frigate returned to her homeport of Fleet Base East in Sydney today, after a two-month deployment throughout the region.

It followed a brief port visit to Cairns, Queensland, where the crew enjoyed some respite.

Commander Anita Nemarich led Parramatta into Australian waters for the final time as its Commanding Officer and said the success of the regional deployment was a testament to her crew’s professionalism and abilities.

“During the past two months, the crew has put to the test their collective mariner skills, showcasing the highly-trained and agile workforce that contributes to the capability of the Royal Australian Navy,” Commander Nemarich said.

“We have worked closely with fellow international navies in the region to further strengthen relationships, learned from our counterparts and shared countless memories.

“I am incredibly proud of the crew of HMAS Parramatta and our many achievements.”

Sailing as a task group with sister ship HMAS Ballarat, Parramatta conducted a number of navy-to-navy engagements with partner nations in the region.

Among these was Exercise Arc21, in which blue-water combat, and amphibious and aviation training serials with Japan, France and the United States took place.

The ship also joined French Navy Marine Nationale vessels FS Tonnerre and FS Surcouf – operating as the Jeanne d’Arc Task Group – to complete a cooperative passage through the South China Sea.

Parramatta will enjoy some respite before deploying on further tasks later this year.

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